Mobilestage XL

XL1.jpgNorwegian manufacturer of Mobile Stages for easy transport and quick rigging. Possible to pull it with big personally cars or vans.

Transport size:

Weight 3390 kg
Length 12,5 m
Height 3,3 m
Width 2,55 m.

Stage size:

Width: 10 m
Depth: 7m
67,5 square meters effective.
Maxload at the stagefloor: 9300kg distributed load.
Clearence between floor and roof: 5 mts
Stagefloor height: 1,2-1,45 m
Total height: 7 m

Stageroof load lifting capasity: 1500 kg. distributed load.
Powerful hydraulic lifting system to lift the roof incl. load of 1500kg.
Standard heavy duty trio-truss in roof.

Possible for load up to 3400kg in the roof if use of double PA-wings and towers in the back corners of the stage.(Optional)
Tool compartment for all necessary tools.

The stagefloor that is made of 25mm waterproof antislip plates and is based on 5 modules that is placed on top of eachother in 3 layers when the stage is not mounted. This makes it stable during transport because of the low gravity.

The 4 moveable floor modules has a lot of small wheels under each helping it going smooth to pull out and lowered with 4 easy handling arms. These arms are also used for lifting up the moduls during dismounting the stage.


2 persons - ca. 30 min.

All covers like sidewalls and backdrops are manufactured by black windnet as standard. Roof and cover for the front of the stage floor and made of black PVC tarpaulin. Stairs and handrail is included. 

Possible custom made solutions. Designed and manufactures in Norway.
Ask us! 

Leasing possibillities.

Delivered certified.

Subject to change of weights and measures without further notice.

Designed and produced by MTI Norge AS in Norway.


bilde(1).jpgbilde(2).jpgMTI-XL-sammenpakketskraa.jpgXL-foran.jpgXL1.jpgXL2.jpgXL3.jpgXLcap.jpgXLskraa.jpgXL m PA vinger.jpgXL m PA vinger2.jpgXL m PA vinger3.jpgXL m PA vinger4.jpgXL m PA vinger5.jpgXL m PA vinger6.jpgXL m PA vinger7.jpgXL m PA vinger8.jpgXL m PA vinger9.jpgXL m PA vinger10.jpgXL m PA vinger11.jpgXL m PA vinger12.jpgXL m PA vinger13 inne.jpgXL m PA vinger14.jpgXL m PA vinger15.jpgXL m PA vinger16.jpgXL m PA vinger17.jpgTrollrock2012.JPGTrollrock Travis.JPGTrollrock Hellbillies.JPG17mai.JPG17mai2.JPG